Great minds really do think alike! This recipe does contain a water discount to take into consideration the extra water that is added to the recipe. This recipe adds water in three different ways. First,.5 ounces of water is added to create the avocado puree. (about 1 ounce) of water is added to the clay to help create a dispersion. In addition, the avocado itself contains water. Its tricky to know for sure how much water the 3 ounces of avocado contains, so i estimated about.5 ounces. Thats a total of 3 ounces of added water.

avocado diy poppyseed mead sea mud soap by sassy_soaps_and_such. I was shocked how similar the two designs were. Isnt it crazy how that happens sometimes? I love rhondas spin on a similar idea, with a layer on the bottom.

Unlike some additives, avocados do not contain a large amount of sugar. Adding sugars (like those found in fruit) to cold process soap can cause excess heat, which can make the soap difficult to work with. For example, adding honey can cause an extreme gel phase, as seen in the. Adding Honey to cold Process soap blog post. For this recipe, i added a full 3 ounces of avocado pulp, in addition. French green clay and spirulina powder for color. Spearmint essential oil gives these bars a crisp and refreshing scent. After achieving a nice thick texture, i mounded the top of the soap toward españa arnhem the center, created texture and sprinkled poppy seeds on top for decoration. I decided to place this soap into the fridge to prevent gel phase. The additional water from the avocado and clay heat causes glycerin rivers. You can see my first batch of this soap without a water discount and after gel phase at the bottom of this tutorial.

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MainDropdownTitle breakfast lunch dinner dessert an appetizer a cocktail. Difficulty: Intermediate, time: 1-2 hours, yields: About 3 pounds of soap. Adding fresh fruit and vegetable purees to cold process soap has long been a staple in the soapmaking community. Purees can add color and skin-loving properties to the bar. In addition, purees are triangle great from a marketing standpoint. One of my favorite purees for cold process soap is avocado. It gives the soap a luxurious feeling.

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Other areas where homeowners can make considerable gains by adding an extension include Brighton, Edinburgh, Bristol and Cardiff. Meanwhile, swansea, derby, newcastle, nottingham, liverpool and Hull were identified in the report as places where home owners could potentially make an overall loss by adding an extension of this size. Andy Gray of Barclays said: 'each homeowner should research the best option for them, taking into consideration the home improvements they would need to make, how much this would cost and investigate whether moving property may actually be the better option. 'homeowners should also seek independent financial advice to assess the best option for their personal requirements.'. Will your extension add value to your home? The value a 30 metre squared extension can add to your home can vary significantly depending where in the country you are, according to barclays Mortgages and countrywide.

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Yellow 8, other desirable improvements include an en-suite bathroom, voted clotted for by 38 per cent, and a swimming pool, opted for by 29 per cent of people surveyed. For 26 per cent of those surveyed, a games room would make the most desirable addition to their home. While tastes differ, our appetite for home improvement appears unabated. Forty-five per cent of people surveyed said they were planing to repaint their interiors, while 25 per cent said they were planning on having new carpets fitted. Nineteen per cent said they were planning on getting a new kitchen fitted in the near future.

Value of home improvements depends on where you are. In total, uk homeowners have added roughly 164billion to the value of their properties, barclays Mortgages suggests. On average, home improvements, including extensions, add approximately 31,000 to a property if sold within 12 months. While homeowners typically estimate that they could add 9,829 to the value of their home by making improvements, the actual value that can be added varies significantly depending on where your property is located in the country. Desirable or just dull? . By adding an extension of 30 metres squared - the size of two average double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes and a chest of drawers - barclays Mortgages and estate agents countrywide suggest that uk homeowners can expect to add an average of 14,000 to the. In London, an extension of this size could give homeowners a return on investment of 156,000, while in York it could be around 30,000, the findings suggest.

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Meanwhile, 20 per cent said they find a purple house most offensive, while for 10 per cent the prospect of beans a red house turned them green. Zipporah Lisle-mainwaring hit the headlines recently after being ordered by kensington and Chelsea council to restore her home to to its original white colour after causing an outcry with garish painted red and white stripes. Garish: The most off-putting colour to paint your home is lime green, according to the barclays Mortgages survey. Purple came a close second. As home improvement fashions change, so too do our property wish-lists. A wow-factor designer kitchen is currently the most desirable home improvement, with 42 per cent putting it at the top of their list to add value to their home. Uk's least favourite house colours. Lime green.

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Carpets in bathrooms. Strip lighting 375. Synthetic wood 28, spencer added: 'The uk's current view on home improvements and the most offensive styles, is something every home improver should be aware. Over the years, i've learnt that simple is best and to keep improvements as neutral as possible.'. It's not only particulier the interior of a house that comes under scrutiny. Getting the exterior right is equally, if not more, important. The most off-putting colour to paint your home is lime green, according to the survey. Curiously, while 41 per cent of women surveyed took offence to a lime green exterior, 'their male counterparts are not as opinionated on the subject matter according to barclays Mortgages.

Tv property expert Phil Spencer said: 'It's fascinating to see such a large appetite for home underarm improvements in the. The freedom and flexibility this allows homeowners when adapting their properties is clearly a big draw and one that I hope continues. The top 10 property turn-offs. Avocado coloured bathroom. Woodchip wallpaper. Stone cladding. Flocked wallpaper. Artex ceilings.

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If you own a house with lime-green paintwork, an avocado bathroom suite, woodchip wallpaper and some rooms with strip lighting, selling your home could be a struggle. Home improvements currently add on average 31,000 to a property, findings suggest, but over the last 50 years households plumping for the latest artex ceiling fad or pebbledash cladding have run the risk of juice diminishing the value of their home. A barclays Mortgage survey found that 62 per cent of 2,000 people surveyed said an avocado coloured bathroom suite was the biggest turn-off in a home. What a turn-off: avocado bathrooms are the biggest home interior faux pas of the last 50 years, according to a survey by barclays Mortgages. Tv property expert Phil Spencer, pictured left said, 'over the years, i've learnt that simple is best and to keep improvements as neutral as possible.'. This was followed closely by woodchip wallpaper (60 per cent) and stone cladding (54 per cent). Artex ceilings and carpeted bathrooms are similarly unpopular, with 47 per cent citing them as the worst diy faux pas of the last 50 years. With homeowners living in their property for an average of 14 years, over 50 per cent of respondents said they would choose 'home improvement over making a move'.

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