Jacquey made it clear that subtlety is key when using a shimmery highlighting powder. If youre in your 20s you can go for it and use shimmer all over but when were over 40 we would just look silly doing that.  She likes to use a fan style brush when applying shimmer.  That way you can control the amount that goes on and it looks more natural. After applying blush and highlighter, you can then apply bronzer just under the apples of the cheeks. She does not like to blend the two together as you lose the purpose of the contouring the cheeks.  Again, subtlety is key. For eye shadows Jacquey loves to use the dior 5 couleur lift shadows.

dior highlighter apples of the cheek and then work your way blending upward and outward at an angle.  Do not go all the way to the hairline though.  Then take a highlighter/shimmer powder and make a c at the temple and bring it just under the corner eye area for contouring.  take that same shimmer highlighter and apply a touch down the nose to give the center of the face a soft focus and above the eyebrows to visually lift the face.

Forget the steenpuist old saying that with eyeliner less is more. Lining your eyes give them definition. Using a kohl or waterproof liner start from the outside and work your way into the inner corner of the eye utilizing the waterline. (On your top lid the waterline is just below the lash line and on the lower lid it is just above the lash line.) This will make your lashes look fuller and even if you dont have lashes from chemo or whatever the reason may. Of course top the lashes with lash maximizer and several coats of mascara. Dont be afraid to mix your eye cream with concealer. Most of us need extra moisture under our eyes and this helps to keep the under eye area fresh. She likes to take skinflash and capture totale eye cream and mix them together and from the under/outer corner of the eye up to a 45 angle blend it into the skin. This plumps and brightens the skin. Jacquey said she knows a lot of people are afraid to use powder under the eye area as some can tend to settle in fine lines and wrinkles.

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Jacquey george, a dior National makeup Artist. I asked her if she had any over 40 makeup tips she would like to nutrilite offer to fab over Forty readers and laadt she was excited to oblige. I love getting tips from national artists as they see thousands of faces that they work their magic on and tend to know what some of the common issues are and how to solve them. So here are some of her tips and suggestions: brows a dior BrowStyler is a must-have. (I personally agree and use mine every day). Filling in the brows and properly shaping them can instantly take five years off your face. Be sure to arch upward raising the eyebrow, meaning fill in along the top of the eyebrow and creating an arch there if you dont have one it will lift the face. Also brow hairs tend to thin or disappear on the outer edge, be sure to fill that area in as well.

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