The magnaRack consists of a magnetic base station and a removable tube rack. The tube rack can hold up to 24 microcentrifuge tubes. The tube rack fits onto the magnetic base station in two different positions associating the row of 12 neodymium magnets with a single row of 12 tubes for simple on the magnet and off the magnet sample processing (see figure below). Safety Information, follow the safety guidelines below when using the ChargeSwitch gdna 1 ml Serum Kit. Treat all reagents supplied in the kit as potential irritants. Always wear a suitable lab coat, disposable gloves, and protective goggles. If a spill of the buffers occurs, clean with a suitable laboratory detergent and water.

tubes, rNase a (optional; 5 mg/ml in 10 mM Tris-HCl,.5, 10 mm edta). Vortex mixer 20 µl, 200 µl, and 1 ml sterile, pipette tips. MagnaRack, the magnaRack available from Invitrogen (Catalog. CS15000) is a two-piece magnetic separation rack for use in protocols with magnetic beads.

After preparing the lysates, you may purify dna in less than 15 minutes using the ChargeSwitch Technology. The ChargeSwitch gdna 1 ml Serum Kit is designed to allow isolation of up to 200 ng of genomic dna from.2-1 ml samples of fresh or frozen human serum powder with or without edta. The purified dna is suitable for use in downstream applications including pcr and qrt-pcr. System Specifications, starting Material:.2-1 ml of fresh or frozen human serum, with or without edta. Elution Volume: 50 µl, dna yield: 1-200 ng, dna size: 50 bp-1.5 kb, note: dna yield will vary from 1-200 ng according to sample source and storage method. The average dna yield is 30 ng/ml of serum from healthy individuals. Use of the ChargeSwitch gdna 1 ml Serum Kit to isolate genomic dna provides the following advantages: Uses a magnetic bead-based technology to isolate genomic dna without the need for hazardous chemicals, centrifugation, or vacuum manifolds. Rapid and efficient purification of genomic dna from.2-1 ml of human serum in less than 15 minutes following sample preparation and lysis. Simple lysis of serum components with Proteinase k without the need for any mechanical lysis. Minimal contamination with rna, the purified genomic dna demonstrates improved downstream performance in applications including pcr and qrt-pcr.

Can i extract the dna from serum?

The ChargeSwitch Technology, the ChargeSwitch Technology (CST) is a novel magnetic español bead-based cream technology that provides a switchable surface charge dependent on the pH of the surrounding buffer to facilitate nucleic acid purification. In low pH conditions, the cst beads have a positive charge that binds the negatively charged nucleic acid backbone (see figure below). Proteins and other contaminants are not bound and are simply washed away in an aqueous wash buffer. To elute nucleic acids, the charge on the surface of the bead is neutralized by raising the pH.5 using a low salt elution buffer (see figure below). Purified dna elutes instantly into this elution buffer, and is ready for use in downstream applications. ChargeSwitch Magnetic bead Specifications, bead Binding Capacity: 5-10 µg genomic dna per. Bead size: 1 µm, bead Concentration: 25 mg/ml, storage buffer 10 mm mes,.0, 10 mm nacl,.1 Tween. Intended Use for the kit, the ChargeSwitch gdna 1 ml Serum Kit allows rapid and efficient purification of genomic dna from.2-1 ml samples of human serum.

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dna extraction from serum

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dna extraction from serum

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Dna extraction from serum
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