Find the, sailboat of your dreams or list your current sailboat for sale for free with free sailboat classified ads. Sailboat, listings include racers, cruisers, sloops, catamarans, trimarans, daysailers, sailing dinghies, and overnighters in our photo ads of used sailboats for sale. The sunfish sailboat is a personal size, beach launched sailing dinghy utilizing a pontoon type hull carrying a lateen sail mounted to an un-stayed mast. Sunfish was developed by Alcort, Inc. And first appeared around 1952 as the next generation improvement on their original boat, the sailfish. The foss Company makes quality. Sailboat, rudders and Dagger boards that Can be shipped Anywhere in the world from Newport beach, california.

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Stainless steel cable does not block your view and adds a custom look to deck railings, stair railings and railings in general. Approximately two-thirds. Sherman Johnson Company's business is non marine primarily in the architectural perawatan field. Johnson offers cable and wire fittings in 1/16" to 3/8" sizes in type 316 stainless steel for machine swage, hand Crimp, mechanical termination and splice termination. In the latest Johnson Architectural catalog you can find cable railing hardware and Terminal Tuner, Classic, decko, smooth Line, terminator and Threaded Terminal Turnbuckles to accent the look of any infill cable system. In the latest Johnson Marine catalog you will find life line turnbuckles, pelican hooks, gate eyes and Splice line fittings. Standing rigging turnbuckles are offered in open, tubular and slotted configuration. Dinghy and one design turnbuckles are not forgotten with quick release levers, calibrated stay and shroud adjusters, handy lock turnbuckles, split back stay cars and toggle jaws. Johnson offers a full line of cotter pins, clevis pins, rigging pins, ring pins, quick release pins, lock rings and lock nuts. You will find what you need to cable rail your next project or rig your sailboat.

sailboat manufacturers usa

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Sherman Johnson Company Incorporated was founded in 1958 by curtiss. Johnson Jr ( ). Johnson's love of sailing inspired him to design and manufacture stainless steel turnbuckles, fittings and marine accessories for the pleasure marine market. Many patents and innovative designs lead Johnson Marine (Trade name) to become one of the largest oem supplies of life line hardware in the marine industry. Somewhere in the middle 1980's Johnson Marine started to be contacted by architects looking to design railings in buildings using stainless steel aircraft cable with the cable as infill for the railings. At the time this new "cable railing" was thought to be a "fluke" triangles or an anomaly that was a niche design fad. Little did anyone know it was not. After many calls for cable railings, the light bulb went on and a new division beans was formed called Johnson Architectural Hardware to design, market and manufacture specific architectural hardware for cable and wire railings. The new division took off and Johnson cable rails can be found in private homes, commercial, municipal, educational, medical and sports arenas.

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The 14 was originally designed to be sailed from the beach through the surf and back. 9 It's a unirig with just a main sail. It is possible to convert a standard 14 into a hobie 14 "Turbo also known as the jt14, or H14T by adding a jib, trapeze and dolphin striker. No longer manufactured by hobie north America, the hobie 14 is still produced in limited numbers by hobie europe and Hobie brazil. The hobie 14 is known for its forward mast and very bent banana shaped hull. The forward mast and odd shaped hulls make the boat quite sensitive to weight placement fore and aft. If the helm sits too far forward, he or she can cause the leeward bow to dig in, resulting in a pitchpole. Hobie 14s are great for younger sailors who want a solo-able multi-hull that can be held down without much weight. The boat does not carry passengers well, but used boats can be found quite cheaply.

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Kg ) 31' 2 Fox 20' 8'6"? Kg ) 31' 2" 2 Hobie cat Europe, formula 20 class Hobie 21SC 21' 8'6" clear 11" to 3'1" 2 600 pounds 29' 2 to 4 Hobie 21SE 21' 9'6"-14' 11" to 3'1" 2 565 pounds 33' 2 to 3 Trifoiler 22' 19'? 320 pounds ( 145 kg ) ( 2 ) 18' 2 sailing hydrofoil, trimaran Hobie 33 33' 8' 5'6" 4000 pounds 36' 4-6 Monohull Units built: Hobie 14 46,000, 3 Hobie 16 135,000, 4 Hobie 18 18,000, 5 Hobie dragoon 800, 6 Hobie tiger 1,100. Age target was 12 to 14 years. Double trapeze and spinnaker option to introduce young sailors to high performance. Length: 12' 10 beam: 7' 1 mast Length: 21 sail Area: 118 sq ft (11.0 m2). Main plus Jib, weight: 230 lb (100 kg).

D-pn :.0 1 Hobie 10 edit The hobie 10 was a small dinghy produced as a response to the laser dinghy. It has been discontinued. Hobie 14 edit The hobie 14 was the original catamaran designed by hobie alter. The general shape and design of the boat is very similar to the later Hobie. They share many of the same parts.

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Over 135,000 Hobie 16 Cats are sailing around the world. The hobie 18 in 1976, hobie 17 in 1985, hobie 21 in 1987, hobie 18sx in 1989, hobie 17 Sport in 1990, hobie 20 in 1991, hobie 21 Sport Cruiser in 1992, hobie wave in 1994, hobie trifoiler in 1995, the, hobie getaway in 2000. Current and notable past models edit, different catamaran models range from 10 feet (3 m) in length to 21 feet (6 m and beams range from.8 feet (2.1 m).5 feet (2.6 m mast heights range from 20 to 33 feet (10 m). Model, length over All, beam, draft. Weight, mast, crew, description, hobie 12 Mono-cat 11' 9" 48" 4" 150 pounds ( 68 kg ) 18' 1 to 2 logo d-pn of 102.5 1 Bravo 12' 53" 9" 195 pounds (.45 kg ) 19' 1 to 2 wave 13' 7' 11" 245 pounds ( 111.13 kg. 342 pounds 23' 7" 1 to 3 Hobie 16 16' 7" 7'11" 10" 320 pounds ( 145.2 kg ) 26'6" 1 to 4 Hobie 17 (se or Sport) 17' 8' 5" to 1'6" 340 pounds 27'7" 1 to 2 se main only, sport adds jib fx-one. 375 pounds ( 180 kg ) 29'6" 2-3 Wildcat 18' 8'6" 7" to 3'9" 397 pounds ( 180 kg ) 29'6" 2 F18 class Miracle 20 19' 6" 8'6" 5" to 2'9" 420 pounds?

sailboat manufacturers usa

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Following the 1961 boat show, Alter contacted Arthur "Art" javes, designer of the aqua cat to tell him he was also entering the fledgling catamaran market. The first Hobie cat is credited with being first built in 1965 and featured a structure similar to the aqua cat, but slightly heavier with assymmetrically-shaped hulls that did not rely on dagger boards. This design was more readily beached than the aqua cat or Pacific Cat. From 1967 on, the new Hobie cat Company went on to become the largest manufacturer of small catamarans in the world. In 1967, Alter designed the hobie. Alter wanted to make a boat that could be easily launched into the surf. In 1969, hobie released the, hobie 16, the most popular mask catamaran ever and the most competitive catamaran class in the world.

Art javes, the designer of the new (1961). Aqua cat 12 sailboat. That sailboat featured lightweight fibreglass hulls with an aluminium tube structure supporting a tattoo trampoline style deck for seating. The aqua cat catamaran did well in shallow water, but relied on dagger boards to reduce slippage sidewise under sail. Dagger boards were also used by the much heavier. Pacific Cat from 1960. That design featured a solid fibreglass deck on a 19' x 8' boat, giving it a weight of almost 500 pounds.

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Two hobie cats sailing in St vaast, normandy, france. The, hobie cat is a small sailing catamaran manufactured skin by the hobie cat Company. Hobie's line of products ranges from surfboards to catamaran sailboats to kayaks and stand-up paddle boards, though the hobie cat Company is most famous around the world for its catamarans. Hobie also designed a very successful monohull, the hobie. Contents, history edit, the company founder, hobart Alter, began as a surfboard manufacturer in the late 1950s. According to another source, alter's focus changed in 1961 to designing an easily beached fibreglass catamaran. The impetus of this shift is attributed to a 1961 boat show in Anaheim, ca which placed Alter in a booth selling surfboards, next.

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