Atrophic scars appear as a sunken area or divot in the skin, occurring when critical supporting structures (such as fat and muscle) are removed or lost. Common atrophic scars include acne, marks associated with chickenpox and other diseases, as well as surgical and accident scars. Hypertrophic scars, hypertrophic basically means highly pigmented skin, so these scars are reddish, usually raised (similar to keloid scars). However, unlike keloid scars, hypertrophic scars do not extend beyond the area of the injury. Stretch marks, yes, stretch marks (also known as striae ) are actually scars. They can occur when the skin is stretched too rapidly (during pregnancy, growth spurts, weigh/muscle  gain, and/or weight loss). Stretch marks can often fade over years, but seldom disappear completely. Types of treatment for scars, heres where we get to the good part: what can be done about those nasty scars?

scar retreat cream & serum , body piercing, and some even seem to form unexpectedly. Contracture scars, these occur where skin has been burned. Contracture scars can actually tighten and can go deeper into the layers of skin below (effecting muscles and nerves both of which can make movement difficult. These are found to be the most common type of scar.

What are scars and how do semi they occur? Even though skin is the bodys largest living organ, your skin is delicate and as fragile as silk. Once the dermis and/or epidermis layer of the skin has been broken (either externally from a cut, or internally as seen in stretch marks areas of fibrous tissue grow in the damaged area. A scar, while often unsightly, is a positive sign of the health of your bodys biological process of wound repair. Basically, a scar means healing has taken place. Even though scar tissue is composed of the exact same material of the skin it replaced (using protein known as collagen the way the new material stitches together is different, hence the unusual appearance of the new skin (scar). Factors such as the depth, size, and location on the body can affect the appearance of a scar. Other influences can change the way a scar looks as well. For instance, even if two people received the exact same cut in the exact same place, the two scars could look different, depending on the age, sex, ethnicity, and genetic make-up of each individual. Types of Scars, there are several diagnosed types of scars found, each having a telltale appearance and attributed cause. Keloid scars, keloids are the result of an overly-aggressive healing process, often growing beyond the area of the injury itself.

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Some say scars are a sign list of aziatische strength. That may be true, but scars can be difficult or embarrassing to live with, effecting your courage, confidence, and self-esteem at every turn. For many people, scars require strategic dressing or time-intensive makeup to cover or lessen their appearance. The good news is that thanks to recent advancements in treatment, there are products on the market today that can actually lessen not only the severity of a scars appearance, but also the embarrassment that often accompanies it! Lets get started on finding the best scar removal cream for you, table of Contents, our top picks, below weve compiled a list of the top creams for use on unsightly scars, rating them on effectiveness, customer satisfaction, safe ingredients, and ease of use. No doubt, the best scar removal cream for you will be found in the list below! Product, effectiveness, average Price, overall, exclusive link, full review.

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From Nobody to nightmare : They went from being oppressed and (supposedly) ethnically cleansed by the Eldians to enact that same oppression and enslavement upon obtaining power. Greater-Scope villain : They are behind all the major events that kickstarted the plot: They are the ones who a hundred years ago stole seven of the nine titan Powers from Eldians. They're the reason the Eldians fled to paradis Island and secluded themselves behind the Three walls. They constantly send hordes of mindless Titans to hound those Eldian exiles who are living behind the walls. They are the ones who sent the titan Shifters to breach Wall Maria and infiltrate the society behind the walls. Hidden Agenda villain : They claim that they keep the Eldians alive in the ghettos because they are being graceful, but there's the possibility that they're keeping them alive because only Eldians can be turned into titans and use Ymir's Titan Powers. This is confirmed by Eren Kruger. Subverted with their current motivations: they claim that the reason that after eighty years they're going to the offensive against the Eldians living in Paradis Island is because king Fritz has announced his intention of reclaiming the Eldian Empire's lost territories, in reality no such. It is said by an informant in the marleyan government that the real reason for it is to claim the Island of Paradis for the fossil fuels they'll need to maintain their military supremacy in a world where technology is beginning to render the power.

End of an Age : This is the case when it comes to the marley's dominance in the world. For a long time, they've been a prominent superpower state (implied to be the most powerful nation, in fact) because they dominated all of the other nations through Titan warfare. Nowadays though, the rest of the world's military technology has finally reached a point where even the Armored Titan can be decimated with the power of one anti-titan missile. As such, the marley's true number one priority is to try and find a way to retain their dominance in a changing world. Enemy civil War : They seized the opportunity of in-fighting among the Eldian clans to steal the titan Powers from them. Fantastic Racism : Marley brutally persecutes the Eldian people (the ancestors of those within the walls rounding them all up into ghettos, repeatedly calls them devils, violently and harshly beats anyone found outside the ghettos, and turns a blind eye to the murder of Eldians.

One group of soldiers even feeds a young Eldian girl to their dogs alive for fun. Their reasoning is that the Eldian people had, in the past, enslaved and brutalized the people of Marley in turn. Foreshadowing : In hindsight, the fact that Marley's military is technologically behind the times was foreshadowed by zeke's reaction to the 3DM gear. He was genuinely surprised that the wall Eldians actually had weapons created specifically to kill Titans, which — considering how far behind the curve the "Walldians" are — subtly suggested that Marley was totally unprepared to deal with anti-titan weaponry. The manga took the better part of a year to illustrate the sheer fracturing of the "Warrior" Program, stagnated by a faulty ideology and lack of advancements, pimple and the fragility of the marleyan military, blind to their own faults and unwilling to value intel from. It's no surprise that given the time, the Eldians of Paradis would successfully infiltrate the ghetto at Liberio and launch a brutal attack in the very heart of their domain.

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Deadly euphemism : to be "sent to paradise" is not even remotely as pleasant as it sounds. It means to be sent to paradis Island, to roam endlessly as a mindless Titan. The euphemism is mainly used to threaten and punish dissenting Eldians in the ghettos. Didn't Think This Through : They've spent a hundred years throwing Mindless Titans at the walls for no other reason than to harass the Eldians and keep them stuck in the walls that they're already trapped. However, now that technology is marching on and they're in need of the natural resources on the island, they find themselves cut off from those resources by the very titans they've been flooding the island with.

Hence, their need for the coordinate. Their aforementioned effort to gain the coordinate unwittingly provided the paradian Eldians with the means to fend off their attack and successfully repelled the warriors sent to recover. The warrior Program sparked movement from the Eldian Restorationists, which (in the long run) resulted in the sending of Grisha yeager towards the Three walls with the Attack titan on board. Just as the mid-East Alliance war showed, there are several factions of their minted empire that are not content with the marleyans ruling over everyone. It's further implied that some country (or countries) might have colluded with the paradian Eldians to carry out the infiltration and attack of Liberio, or where are the very least aware or warned that Liberio would be attacked. So, it's not only the Eldians that Marley should be worrying about. The Empire : They've been colonizing the rest of the world by using Titans as weapons. Unfortunately for them, the failure to retrieve the coordinate and loss of several Titan Shifters was seen as a sign of weakness by other nations, who are starting to openly fight back in the four year timeskip.

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In reality, the marley government are after the island's natural resources for their own economic purpose. The cake is a lie : As of the timeskip, the marleyans have taken to promising Eldian "recruits" that if they rack up enough war accomplishments and merits, they can earn freedom for their ghetto-bound kinsmen. Considering what we've seen of Marley to date, this is highly unlikely to be true, but the conscripts, many of whom are children, don't have any choice but to believe it, regardless of the evidence to the contrary. Crippling overspecialization : Somewhat. Marley is only superior in its power because of its Titans, which it relies on extensively. However, the rest of the world is adapting to the titans dieet and is coming up with multiple different ways to fight them, meaning that the country's military dominance is threatened unless they can take the other Titan powers that are under the control of Paradis. Much of its technology is outdated compared to the rest of the world, to the point that even with the titans, they stand a good chance of eventually losing. Curb-Stomp Battle : For all their technological superiority, the marleyan military is quickly and utterly wrecked by the survey corps' new 3D maneuvering gear and Thunder Spears.

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The fact that this is put into question and taking into consideration that the Eldians forcefully mated with the marleyans during centuries of ethnic cleansing makes the existence of these "tests" somewhat arbitrary and sheds some light into the political bias of the whole ordeal. You can skew whatever result you want and discriminate against anyone if you're the person who controls the methods that justify the discrimination. Arch-Enemy : Of the Eldians. Blatant lies : Invoked. As Eren Kruger argues, if actual ethnic cleansing against the marleyans had taken place, there wouldn't be any left after 17 centuries of it happening. It's just too much time for the claim to be true; not only that, but also the fact that there are thousands, if not millions of Marleyans alive only one century after the supposed cleansing ended. If there was light indeed an ethnic cleansing, it was remarkably ineffective. And there's also the problem that none of the current Marleyans can transform into titans, but the history says that Eldians forced them to reproduce with them to make more citizens of Ymir, which doesn't appear to be possible. The attacks on Paradis are under the guise of exterminating the "demons" living on the island.

Open/close all folders, the kingdom of vetten Marley. Tropes that apply to the kingdom of Marley as a whole. Map of the northern territories of the kingdom of Marley (large landmass) with the island of Paradis to the north-east. Adaptational Early Appearance : Thanks to season 2 of the anime marley's existence is hinted at far earlier than it was in the te For the curious, season 2 included Ymir's flashback which occurred 2 arcs later in the manga, and in it we see. To illustrate the point, the anime showed these scenes not even six months after they appeared in the manga. Applied Phlebotinum : They have blood tests to determine who is of Eldian descent. Thing is, all it takes to skew the results is a willing doctor and crappy bureaucracy.

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Main Character Index, shinganshina Trio, warrior Trio 104th Trainee corps, survey corps. Military police Brigade, garrison, titans, eldia, marley. Others, before The fall, warning: This page contains huge unmarked spoilers from manga Chapters 86 and. Beware if you are not caught up with the manga. The kingdom of Marley is a nation from beyond the walls which dominates most of the continent. In their history they claim to have been the subject of persecution and ethnic cleansing by the Eldian Empire, until the latter became fractured and the clans started fighting each other, which they used as an opportunity to steal seven of the nine titan powers. With those they were able to turn the tables on their oppressors and made them flee to the island of Paradis, thus leading Marley to become the new jojoba dominant superpower. After eighty years of their victory (and roughly twenty years before the start of the story) they set their sights on the island of Paradis to secure its strategic natural resources.

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