Wherever we sail, we take with us the world s premier spa, canyon Ranch spa offering an unrivalled approach to health and beauty, with spa services customized for you alone. Be a part of the ultimate experience with body and skin treatments, fitness classes, and health consultations at our luxury spa regent seven seas Cruises. Ms quantum of the. Seas is a cruise ship for royal Caribbean International (RCI) and the lead ship of the quantum class of cruise ships. The quantum class surpasses rci s earlier Freedom-class ships by over 14,000 gt, becoming the second-largest class of passenger ships behind rci s Oasis class ships on a gross tonnage basis. Ms oasis of the.

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Equipment includes Lifecycles, free weights, striders, StairMasters, treadmills, weight benches, a nautilus machine, workout stress mats and step benches. Guests under the age of 16 are not permitted in the fitness Center. Read More, in addition to planned activities in the fitness Center, take advantage of other sports-related activities throughout the ship. Deck 12 provides golf cages, shuffleboard, paddle tennis and a full-circle jogging track. Seven laps around the seven. Seas, voyager track is equal to one mile.

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Wherever we goede sail, we take with us the world's premier spa, canyon Ranch spa offering an unrivalled approach to health and kopen beauty, with spa services customized for you alone. Enjoy an array of treatments including signature massages and therapeutic bodywork, aromatherapy, ayurvedic and seaweed treatments as well as facials While you're here, explore our extraordinary selection of luxurious beauty treatments, including hair care, manicures, pedicures and more available in the salon. Click here to download a menu of available treatments and services. You may also consult with fitness professionals and attend presentations by wellness professionals who can help you feel your best for life. Guests under 18 are not permitted in the spa unless accompanied by an adult. Read More, canyon Ranch fitness experts lead popular exercise classes, such as Pilates, yoga and aerobics and are on hand to offer advice and demonstrate the use of fitness equipment. One-on-one training can be arranged with a fitness Instructor.

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It is one of those dishes that I can never get enough of, and it is my Italian food staple. Much like when my kids are complaining about the other having something they do not, i just decided to get both the eggplant and a pasta dish. I mean, i would totally walk off those calories skipping the elevators, rights? The eggplant Parmesan was terrific, and not overloaded with cheese or deep fried to the point any hint of eggplant is removed. The texture of the homemade pasta was wonderful, and I think everyone at our table remarked they could absolutely tell the difference between this freshly made pasta, and the boxed stuff. My wife opted for the truffle tagliatelle, with the simple logic that anything with black truffles must be amazing.  Indeed, that logic holds up at Jamie's Italian as well.

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Ample servings of salami, prosciutto, mozzarella, olives and more are yours for the picking. We picked that plank to the wood surface extremely quickly. We also tried the ultimate garlic bread from the starters. At first, we did not realize the bread served to our table was this dish, but what they lack in presentation, they make up for in flavor. Without a doubt, hotcopper there is a good amount of garlic provided in these bad boys.

Choosing among the entrées is where i believe the greatest difficulty arises. In short, there is a lot to choose from and many dishes sounds really good. It is worth noting that Jamies Italian prides itself on the fact it creates handmade pasta everyday at the restaurant. That is a giant indication that you should probably order something with pasta. I certainly felt I could not leave jamies Italian without trying something of a noodle variety. On the other hand, i am an absolute sucker for eggplant Parmesan (or pretty much any parmesan dish).

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Without a doubt, there is one type of dish Jamies Italian is best known laserontharing for and that is the planks. There are two plank varieties: meat and vegetable. Both come with kopen an array of cheeses that compliment the meaty/vegetarian goodness. Arguably, the planks could easily be a meal in and of themselves, but our waiter suggested we order a combo plank, that offered the best of each option. We thought it was a great choice, not only because we would be able to sample the best of the best, but because we would not load up too much, too early. Without a doubt, the plank lives up to its reputation for being a must-order. This antipasto serving is not just a great starter, it sets the tone for the meal to come.

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Instead, you have a design created by creme jamie oliver that focuses on the simple, yet refined approach Oliver takes in every aspect of the dining experience. Looking around Jamies Italian, one will quickly notice there is no unified design style. Rather, there are metal chairs, wooden chairs and nylon chairs mixed together across booths and tables made out of metal, granite and wood. It reminds me of someone hitting up the clearance area in ikea, finding great deals on lots of lovely furniture that does not match. Nonetheless, Olivers design style somehow works across the breadth of the eatery, and the restaurant maintains its own distinct feel. Eats, getting past the décor, i really wanted to give jamies Italian a solid second try by picking some winning dishes. Jamies Italian menu is anything but petite, with lots of choices. I mean, there is a lot one can order between the appetizers, small plates, soups, pastas and entrées.

Perhaps starting fresh from the beginning would be the right approach. Atmosphere, jamies Italian is located on deck 5 in an area of Anthem of the seas known as The via. It is essentially the middle ground between the royal Esplanade and Two70. I doubt anyone ever utters the words, oh, that is located in The via, but it is important to be specific. Royal Caribbean carved out a lot of space for Jamies Italian, although it does not necessarily look that from merely passing. The cruise line designed the restaurant to evoke a street cafe motif to guests passing by, with nivea no real wall separating the restaurant from the walkway. Anyone walking by can easily peer into the restaurant and see other guests dining there, and perhaps more importantly, smell the foods being served. Unlike a traditional Italian restaurant, there is no red and white checkerboard tablecloth, no dean Martin songs playing in the background, and no old photos of Italy.

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The collaboration between royal Caribbean and celebrity chef Jamie oliver created Jamies Italian, which is one of the more popular specialty restaurants on Anthem of the seas. It seems like jamies Italian has become quite popular with many royal Caribbean guests for the tasty, original creations by the famous chef. And yet, i have to admit it never resonated much with me on my previous visits. It is not to say i disliked Jamies Italian by any means, rather, i just preferred other specialty restaurants. To be honest, i felt like i was missing something by not being a bigger fan of the restaurant because so many others seemed to enjoy. Perhaps I had previously dined there sagging on an off-night, or what i ordered was not indicative of what makes Jamies so popular. When I went back on Anthem of the seas for a recent cruise, i wanted to start over again and pretend like i had never been there in the first place.

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