Goji berry plants can be purchased online or found at local nurseries. Plant the goji berry plant. Plant in either the spring or fall. When planting, mix 2/3 soil from the planting hole with 1/3 compost. Goji berry Planting Mix. Purchased over 4 years ago. Was this review helpful? Yes (48) no (3).

purchase goji berry plants

Some people also choose to place like netting over their plants to keepout birds and other animals. Garden fencing is halo available in any home improvement store and canbe snapped together to keep small animals away from the plant. O 3, plant the goji berry plant after the last frost of the winter or spring is over. Plant it in an area thatreceives full sun. It is drought-tolerant and does not need to be watered often, but watering mayhelp it grow faster. If your area receives regular rainfall, this will be enough to sustain the gojiberry plant. If your area receives rain less than once a week, the plant will need to be watered. O 4, prune the plant to keep it at the size you desire. If the plant is left to grow wild without anypruning, it will produce more berries, but it can reach heights of 8 feet. Many gardeners prune it toremain as a bush.

purchase goji berry plants

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How to care for a hands goji berry Plant. By lizz shepherd, ehow Contributor, print this article, a goji berry plant is an unusual plant that is gaining favor with home gardeners who want to growfood-producing plants. The goji berry is high in antioxidants, fatty acids and a number of aminoacids that are beneficial to the body, but it can take years to harvest them. A young Goji berryplant laser will not produce goji berries until its third year. O 1, plant your Goji berry plant in soil that has excellent drainage. If you have clay soil or the area youhave chosen to plant the goji plant has poor drainage, it will be necessary to add a little sand or organic materials to the area. You can add potting soil, peat moss or compost to make the soildrain more efficiently. O 2, place a short fence around the plants to keep out the local wildlife. The leaves of the goji berryplant are edible for humans as well as for animals, and rabbits, deer and other wildlife will eat theplant if it is available to them.

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purchase goji berry plants

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purchase goji berry plants

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