Theyre doused with green tea for more antioxidant goodness, and we love that they effectively buff away dead cells without causing irritation. Step four: Etude house moistfull Collagen Facial Toner. Pollution is, unfortunately, really good at breaking down collagen. To combat that, incorporate a product with collagen as a star ingredient. This Etude house toner is the perfect option. It feels slightly thicker and more jelly-like than watery. Step five: skinfood Premium Lettuce cucumber Watery Essence. This product, as the name implies, is formulated both lettuce and cucumbers, two vegetables that are rich in antioxidants that both prevent and repair damage.

10 step korean skin care well. Step Three: neogen bio-peel gauze peeling Green tea. Yep, were telling you to double down on the green tea by following up your cleansing routine with these exfoliating pads.

We work hard, weleda fight the commute to work, rush to get food, drink more coffee than needed, and get less sleep than optimum, she says. We are so exhausted and stressed that our hormones are all over the charts to control the stress. Hormones are so key for making us age well and feel good, and estrogen keeps skin youthful. We are stressed and self-care is sometimes not a priority. To that, we say its time! Its time to pamper yourself, and its time to target dull, dry, tired skin that results from day-in and day-out pollution exposure and stress. Heres our 10-step Korean skin care routine for pollution that will bring your skin from oh no! Step One: e nature moringa Cleansing Balm, this oil-based cleanser is a serious pollution fighting superstar, and we recommend using it both morning and night. It contains moringa, an ingredient that creates a thin, invisible shield over the skin to prevent it from absorbing pollutants, debris and gunk throughout the day. At night, it effectively melts away any build up and leaves skin super soft. Step Two: neogen Green tea real Fresh foam Cleanser.

10 step korean skin care

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A complete 10-step Korean skin care routine for pollution to help reduce the effects of city smog and grit on your skin. Pollution is a problem in many parts of the world, and seoul is certainly no exception. This thriving, beautiful city is one of the largest in the world, and with over 25 million people comprising the greater metropolis, you can imagine how environmental and man-made pollutants can affect its inhabitants. However, if were throwing truth bombs, its the same story across globe! Living in the city has its own issues that have an impact on skin, and certain cities in particular may be worse than others, notes. Kally papantoniou, clinicas a board-certified dermatologist. Those include cities in extreme climates that are either laserontharing very cold, very dry, or very windy. Usually after living in the city for a period of time, many men and women may notice that their skin may look more dull, and that it can become dried out more easily. Tanya kormeili, a board-certified dermatologist based in California, adds, most city inhabitants—myself included—are living in a rush!

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I notice that this starter make the bb cream stay even longer and not causing breakout or cakey. Serum / Ampoule, you will need serum to focus on some specific skin concern, in this case i need more treatment to reduce dark spot, dull skin and tightening pore. Garnier sakura White serum is an oil-based serum, cause it contains of a lot vitamin c and uv protection, even though it has a uv protection, i use this serum also in my night skin care routine. update, i think i've thrown away  a lot of Garnier's products, next retiring is Garnier sakura White serum. It's not that the product is not that good enough, but it is my choice to switch serum to ampoule. Missha night Repair New Science Activator Borabit Ampoule before, and I start to notice that my skin become more puffy ( in a good way ) and smooth as marshmallow swallowed and melting inside your mouth. That's why i decided to move to an ampoule product. But since that Missha ampoule cost a lot ( 34 i prefer the cheaper one to w-lab Propolis Vital energy Ampoule ( 23 ). This ampoule contains propolis that really good for dry skin, so this is definitely my must-have-item and I will re-purchase it in the future.

10 step korean skin care

Once rejuvenation the bubble come out, massage your face for 5 minutes and leave it on about 15 minutes before washing. Toner help the preparation of your skin to well absorb the next treatment you are going to add. Garnier Pure Active toner works toward hydrating my face, it doesn't just hydrating and balance the pH but also remove the remaining impurities that I still couldn't believe it still there :. Essence, essence is the heart of Korean skin care routine, it basically made for hydrating and aiding skin repair and cell turnover. I choose the whitening one to help reduce the dark spot and dull skin. update, next retiring product : Garnier Light Complete super Essence.

It's skin Power 10 Formula wh effector. I didn't really notice the effect but some how this product make the skin preparation better before the application of bb cream. Additional product, i'm afraid this gonna be 11 step to add this product, but you can add this product as an addition to get more hydration if your face is really dry like mine. So, i put this. Holika holika 3 Seconds Starter - hyaluronic Acid after toner and before applying essence. I really love this starter product as it prepare my skin better before applying another product.

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Omg this is really a disaster. So, i move. Nature republic Aloe vera foam Cleanser. I can say that my face is really suit every aloe vera product from Nature republic, my face become a lot more soft and moisture well. Exfoliate, my skin is getting better! This was Onsaemeein motto that I believe will be laadt achieved once you done this step. Exfoliating can be done twice a week. I'm using two product ( substitute skinfood Rice wash Off Mask for better scrubbing and, onsaemeein Carbonated Scoria bubble mask pack to get rid bad pore. Note : When using Onsaemeein csb mask, put a lil amount of water skincare to your face then applied the cream mask to your face.

10 step korean skin care

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I bet it because of my dry skin that after applying an oily base my skin become more balance, smooth and fresh. Thought this was in oil base, the oily effect doesn't really sticky and magically remove the make up pretty well. Note : This cleanser only work for your skin. You need to use eye and lip stand bewerken alone remover to remove your eye and lip makeup. Facial foam, all makeup are fully removed, but still you need to wash your face again with facial foam to maximize the cleaning and whisk away the residue of oil from the cleansing cream/oil. Nivea white makeup Clear. update, i gave up using nivea makeup Clear! It break my face out my skin became dry even worst and the saddest part is the sudden appearance of wrinkle.

Then wash the face with lukewarm water. update, etude house nutrilite every month Cleansing Cream is a good product, tho i'm no longer using it anymore now. It's not that the product didn't suit my skin condition anymore but i've just purchasing a new product from. Nature republic, forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil. I'm still new in this Korean skin Care, and it drive my curiosity of trying another cleansing type. So, this time i'm trying the oil base. Comparation result : Well, i prefer Nature republic Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil over Etude house Cleanser.

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I've been into this Korean skin Care nowadays, and after pass through one week trial of doing a 10-step Korean skin care, i'm about to reveal the result and give some info to you now whom might be still clueless about. I have dry and acne prone skin in my t-zone, basic information that i know is that I gotta do an extra care by peeling adding more moisturizer into my skin. I had experienced a chronicle acne skin in the past due to stress and pollution, but it's now getting better after i used a suitable treatment for about 2-3 years. Dealing with big pore and dark spot weren't easy tho, but thanks to those who invent a bb cream, it does help much. Cleanser, here's the basic, you gotta need a well clean skin without any dirt, your all day makeup or any obstacle on your face. I usually start with this. Etude house every month Cleansing Cream in the evening. I directly put the cream on to my dry face with still full of makeup and dirt while give a massage for 30s to 1 minute.

10 step korean skin care
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