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guerlain makeup products makeup Primer guerlain. Guerlain Météorites Base is a skinperfecting and antidullness makeup base. The fresh gel texture melt with the rosy.

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"Great Bronze shade" - by, beauty maven #34;steph #34; (San diego, ca ok, first off, my complexion is very similar to rebecca romijin-Stamos and Katherine heigl. Excuse me if i've demolished the spelling of beans their names! I can get a nice tan in underarm the summer and i usually do not burn. I tell you that stuff so you can decide if #2 is right for you. I read the description of another woman's complexion based on her choice of the #1 shade and i knew it was too light for. This is just right! You can make yourself very bronze if you choose or just touch the highlighted areas like your forehead, nose and tops of cheekbones, and you won't need any blush. I can see why this would last so long b/c you only need a little bit! I have used many other bronzers including Benefits hoola which is way too orang-y and.

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Noir tease has a sweetness about it that is "in line" with this type of scent, but this seems to be a little bit more refined and elegant. It is not coming across as "pink bubble-gum-ish". Like the majority of vs products - this is a better production of that type of fragrance, and definitely would appeal to a more discerning audience and nose., the jacuzzi test/Hot Water Test. (Best determined at about 7 hours of wear). This is one of those "tests" that truly determine (for me) how well a fragrance mixes with my own chemistry. The evenings when I hit the gym later, then take a jacuzzi afterwards - if a fragrance has real staying power. This is how you can determine that. My insolence was totally beautiful on my skin after steeping in the water about 15 minutes.

guerlain makeup products

This moves into more of a slight hint of baby powder the longer it wears on the skin., on my skin, i can barely smell it, it blends very well into my skin when first sprayed. After the first initial 30 minutes, this becomes a light fragrance, unimposing. The reason that I tried this, was because of all of the many great reviews on this. Someone even said that they received more compliments on this fragrance than beautiful. And that one has always been tops for me, and wears really super well., space Age type bottle, very cute!

The bottle is superb! Love it, very unique - nicely designed! The bottle hints at the reflective quality that I feel is at the essence of this particular fragrance., waking from a quick nap before hitting the gym - i smelled my arm in the area where i sprayed Insolence, and I'm totally understanding all. It has a sheer type "innocence" about it that is very enticing, alluring, and super sweet. This, it appears, is the upper end version of all of the notes that the victoria's Secret line is trying to hint. But is not quite achieving.

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One that hints at femininity, but does not scream and shout your presence - from the roof tops!, the first blast of this fragrance goes on very high and sweet. It has been awhile since i have tried Tresor by lancome, but that one hits me with a similar first spray. Very high, sweet, and could possibly be a little nauseating with the first 20 -30 minutes of dry-down. This is definitely a fragrance that you nadelen would want to spray about an hour before being in a confined tight space. (Go light on the initial spraying). About 30 minutes into the spray, this begins to emit a more alluring quality, and you notice more of a woodsy musk base note that starts to ground the upper register sweet notes. I don't want to cheat and look at the ingredient list - but if I were guessing, i would say that there is a base note of caramelized almonds grounding the floral bouquet - which is really functioning as a door beckoning you into the. Pulling your attention towards a sweet innocence that unfolds throughout the extended wear.

guerlain makeup products

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This is like the cat that graces you with their presence by entering the room wonders and strutting about as if each and every move were a form of graceful ballet dance, but is not the type of cat that will curl up in your lap. This cat wants its space, it needs to distance itself from you - in order to keep you looking on as an admirer. But resists actually getting to know you. This fragrance is pretty, but it is difficult to get to know. It is very reflective - and pushes you away, rather than draws you., everyone needs to find a fragrance that is light, unassuming, is not cloying, and will fill that gap in your fragrance wardrobe on days when you are wanting to have something. But will leave people who are a bit closer to you to enjoy the aroma and sweetness. This is a very reflective fragrance, almost as if you are peering into a mirror and catching your essence, but not your true reflected image. The type of fragrance that would be very sweet on you when you are hugging someone, but would not assault people within a 5 foot radius on warmer days or days when you know that you will be in a tight space, such as when. The aloofness of this fragrance makes it a pleasant fragrance.

Like the clinicas white marbled floors in millionaire's homes which send the image that everything is clean and perfect. (but - for heaven's n't track dirt in on your shoes). A bit too high maintenance., i initially liked this fragrance, but upon a second wear - it feels "too precious". A bit "too pristine" for my personal taste - although someone else may simply love it! Isolating this fragrance only to itself for a second review, this fragrance comes across as fit for an ice princess. The type of fragrance that registers in the same range that you see when you watch a classic film with the overly blonde actress that has an extremely strikingly gorgeous classic appearance - but comes across a bit aloof and unapproachable. The image that comes to mind as I smell this particular fragrance - is similar to the character that Sharon Stone played in "Basic Instinct" - or perhaps like the role that Grace kelly played in "to catch a thief" - where the actress plays.

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This smells innocent, sweet, clean, fresh, creme and has a dry down with a bit of baby powder. Rather than being warm and welcoming, there is a balmy reflective mirror like quality to the smell of this one - that appears to me to be cool, if not completely cold. It registers to me in the same range that a high polished chrome does. It may be very pretty to look at, but it is not my first pick for something that I would bring into my own environment. This comes across like the perfectly coiffed hair sprayed hair - that may look gorgeous across the room, but is not begging to be touched. It is like the perfectly decorated living room - that is too pristine to actually want to have company sit and have a conversation. Forget entertaining with a cup of coffee or red wine, this is not the house for entertaining. This is merely "for show". It is pretty, reflective, but vacant.

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