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Your Bosphorus Aesthetics team.

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After 14-21 days, the healing phase is completed and the patient looks socially acceptable again. The post-treatment after a chemical peel. After the treatment, side effects such as redness, swelling, crusting or oozing may occur. Your dermatologist advises you to practice makeup, perfume and complete sun avoidance during the initial stage of your chemical peel recovery. We tattoo would be happy if we can provide you a first overview. We consult you in calorieen every aspect and we do not charge money for consulting, in that you will be informed and advised extensively before your operations and treatments. Professional and affordable operations for you.

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In acute herpes infection, by inflammatory or sensitive skin face and after sunbathing the tca peel should not be performed. The treatment lasts only 10-20 minutes. Phenol peeling (Exoderm, Exopeel with the treatment deep, coarse wrinkles, skin cancer stages to basal cell carcinomas (actinic keratosis) and scars could be eliminated. The goal is a uniform, smooth skin. The skin needs much longer time than the tca peel to recover from the treatment. Some patients want sedation during treatment. The treatment lasts for up to 60 minutes.

Peeling with triangles Alpha hydroxy Acids (aha peel The skin becomes smoother and clearer and it is recovering very quickly by this treatment. The peeling with Alpha hydroxy Acids (also called Fruit Acid peel) is used to treat fine wrinkles, dry spots, uneven pigmentation and mild acne. The treatment takes only 10-20 minutes. In this softer peeling process multiple repetitions of therapy is recommended. Peeling with Trichloracetic Acid (tca peel a peeling with trichloroacetic(TCA) causes from a superficial to medium deep peeling of the skin. This depends on the utilized concentration. This peeling can be applied to treat fine wrinkles and to eliminate age spots. The goal is a softer, more significantly fresh skin. The skin needs a longer time than peeling with Alpha hydroxy Acids to recover from the treatment.

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Image invention carousel by.2, fractional co2 Laser Resurfacing, Chemical peels, Chemical peeling in Istanbul, turkey by experienced Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeons. About the Chemical peel, chemical peel improves skin surface texture. Chemical peeling is an umbrella term for a peeling method with substances that have a lovely (corrosive) effect on the skin. This method can minimize skin imperfections and removes signs of skin aging such as large pores, blackheads, acne, fine lines, sun damage, keratinization disorders, age spots and small scars may also etc. The skin turns on his regenerative processes and forms a new, fresh and smooth skin layer. The result is to have a smooth skin that lasts long years. The treatment methods of Chemical peel. Depending on the needs and condition of the skin, desired treatment outcome and medical factors different forms of chemical peel are applicable, which differ by their depth effect.

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