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boom beach hq 16 defense

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the Shock bomb can shock a lot of turrets at once. Enemy raiding-Patterns: HQ14/15: Intelligent attackers who have to look on their gbe use Artillery/Barrage on the front boom cannon and attack then. After the cleared the front they kill the bc behind the. This is a minor issue that I tried to fix by placing both boom cannons at the front, but this brings more disadvantages than advantages, since the enemy can shock both at once (if you place them, so that they can't, they will just flank. Points to mention: vp level: - at a certain vp level, avoiding raids will get impossible. You will feel this after reaching 250VP. But at least you will mostly collect some diamonds from the raids.

boom beach hq 16 defense

Tmed: - the Sniper Towers at the front are ok against landing tanks. the boom Cannon and the Sniper towers beside the hq can reach tanks. the rocket launcher can shoot at the medics when the enemy deploys his troops. i have problems with Tmed at my current level but I thinks every base layout has this. But keep in mind, that beach bases are the most effective ones against tanks. Grenadier: - they cannot use their long-range vergroten advantage since a lot of turrets can reach the beach. Weak points: - the blindspot of the rl covers the whole.

This means, it won't damage incoming verzakking Warriors. See the faq about this point. high leveled Warriors can take the base down in later levels (enemies become serious around hq level 14-15). Warrior attacks are the rarest though. Only around every 20th attack is done by warriors currently.

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You should definitely try it out! This is extremely useful in the earlier levels, when most of natuur the enemies use the hooka tactic, since they will often lose a good amount of zookas and are under pressure right from the start. Warriors: - warriors get penetrated by all 4 mg's near the. because 2 mg's are directly next to the hq, the amount of damage is huge. because of this, i chose to place the mg's next to the hq and not the Flamethrowers. You could also switch the bottom-mg's with the flamethrowers. the boom Cannon and the Sniper Towers deal good single-damage to the warriors and all of them are directly around the. Hooka (the most often combination I face at the moment - the worst part for the enemy is the landing, since he will often directly lose some zookas at the start (thanks to rocket launcher, mortar at the beach - shoots to heavys, hits zookas). the boom Cannon and the cannons deal good damage to heavys.

boom beach hq 16 defense

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Main Advantages: - even if the enemy is flanking, around 4/5 of all defensive buildings will come to action. the enemy get shot directly after landing, so he has no other chance than to instant attack (no time walking around the base). landing and ordering the troops is a problem for the enemy, if he gets attacked directly after landing. This botox will - for instance - lead to some zooka kills against "hooka"-Users. all the non-defensive buildings are efficiently covered by turrets except the ones hiding behind trees. some non-defensive buildings act as "shield" (needs more time to take down the other defenses). This is especially good for the lower leveled guys of you. Resource bases: I (and heinzB that posted here ) have great experience with resource bases layouts that use a similar approach.

If you search for a layout that helps you from being raided too often, you may want to take a look at my other thread. Concept: himalaya layouts: hq 12: hq 13: hq 14: hq 15: hq 16: hq 17: important note: This layout isn't meant to be the best and most unbeatable base layout. It's just a layout that I tweaked a lot and in my opinion it is very mature. I do not claim to have invented the best layout out there! Neither do i say that (generally speaking) this layout is is a good choice from HQ1-20. The more offensive you play, the less successful your defense will. I will update the layout-screenshots everytime i reached a new hq-level and built all the new buildings. Main goal: Attack the enemy directly from the start and kill some of his weak "background-troops" (like zookas, medics, usw).

Ace of Spades

Welcome dudes, if you came from google, don't read any further. And click here, since this thread here has been buried. I wanted to invent a more or less new base layout. I call it "Beach Penetration" (BP). If you want to give me some ontharen tips, feel free to post. I wanted to to something more fun than the super boring edge bases. Note: This layout isn't designed for all all hq levels.

Boom beach hq 16 defense
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