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Best 25, diy bathtub ideas on Pinterest, bathtub remodel, tiny house

Use some paper to make templates around detailed areas. I was lucky in some spots and the vinyl would fit under the baseboard or the door trim, and then the cuts didnt have to be so precise. But in areas where the trim was too close to the sub-floor, it took me so long to get things to fit right. My weird engineer ocd probably doesnt help either. (At least i used a template to cut around the toilet drain!). If youre working in a bathroom, youll get a much nicer finished result if you remove the toilet and extend the planks underneath. Just replace your wax ring when you re-install the toilet.

diy bathtub

This makes me sad for them. You dont have to do that much work! Using a straight cream edge, apply lijst firm pressure and score the surface with a utility knife. Then you can easily snap the vinyl along that score line. If it breaks a little messy toward the back side of the vinyl, its really easy to shave off the rough edge with the utility knife.

This method works for curved edges too, not just straight ones. Believe me, i made my share of odd-shaped cut-outs. I mostly made my tricky cuts around doorways and such by holding a plank up next to it and trying to sketch the right shape onto the plank. Then Id cut it out, dry-fit it, trim it, fit it again. You get the idea. Well, that was stupid.

Best 25, diy bathtub ideas on Pinterest, bathtub redo, bathtub remodel

As I was laying planks down, i noticed a couple spots where i didnt sand or scrape well enough, and I was left with a noticeable bump under the vinyl. Not a huge deal because you cant really see it, you just feel it when you walk. But it really is better to get a nice smooth floor in the beginning. Vacuum well before you get started, and do it a few times as you go as well. I also kept a metal scraper handy because I found lots of areas that needed more smoothing out as I went.

Do a dry fit of your planks/tiles before you start sticking them down. I laid some planks out across the width of the bathroom to see how they lined up, and what size my leftover sliver would be underneath the cabinet. If you start with a full plank on one side but end up with a little sliver on the other side of the room, you want to know this before everything is stuck down! In that case, it would probably best to start with half-width planks. Know how to cut the vinyl. Ive seen more than one diy vinyl flooring post where a person says they made several passes with a utility knife to cut all the way through the vinyl.

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After sanding for a while, i got tired of it and quit. You can sort of feel it under the vinyl now, and it really would have been best to use a leveling compound to even out the joint. Next came the fun partinstalling the new floor! Installing peel-and stick vinyl is pretty easy and straight-forward. . I decided to just start along the tub and shower where i had a long, straight edge to work with. Once i got to the end of each row, i had to make lots of odd-shaped cuts to fit around moldings, odd corners, etc. The majority of my time was spent making those funky cuts, but if you have more of a square room with nice straight edges, this is a really quick and easy project. Here are some tips I learned from the process. Start with a clean, even floor.

diy bathtub

How to refinish

Removing the old flooring was really satisfying. After my husband and I pulled up the carpet and linoleum, we went to town scraping the plywood subfloor. Not only were a bunch of linoleum shreds and glue still stuck to the floor, but there was wall texture overspray that we had to scrape off too. After we scraped as much as we could, i used the orbital sander to smooth out a few areas. I feel like you dont need to get the sub-floor as perfect as you would for laminate or tile flooring (says onze the lady whos never installed either of those but its still a good idea to scrape, sand, and level as much as you can. The better the base you start with, the better your finished result will. Any decent-sized bumps or uneven areas will be noticeable after the vinyl is installed, so its worth the time and effort to prep the floor and try to get it right. Case in point: I had a plywood joint that was uneven.

After a year of telling myself we needed new flooring I finally confronted the problem, and goede it was a surprisingly easy fix! My eventual goal for the bathroom is to install radiant floor heating and tile over that, and I think since thats my ultimate dream, it never occurred to me that I could find a cheap intermediate solution that would end up looking so nice. If we ever decide to re-do the floor, Ill actually be sad to see this stuff. It looks really pretty in our bathroom! I used this driftwood gray wood-look peel-and-stick vinyl from Lowes. It has a nice, rustic, hand-scraped texture and looks surprisingly realistic. When I first decided to go this route, i was thinking Id get some marble-looking vinyl tiles, cut them into thirds, and install them in a herringbone pattern. But once i saw this wood stuff in the store i was sold.

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If you read my post about removing the wallpaper from my master bathroom, you may have noticed the carpet on the bathroom floor. Im 95 sure it was original to the house, which means it was 20 years old. Please revel does with me for a moment in just how disgusting a 20-year-old carpet is in a bathroom. There was a little strip of linoleum running in front of the shower and bathtub, as if thats going to help anything. The toilet room (water closet?) was the same tile-print linoleum and was curling up in one corner. The exact corner that I had to stare at every time i sat on the toilet. Every now and then I would pull at it a little and make it worse, just because it annoyed.

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